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Beachley Furniture Company, Inc. is a 129 year old manufacturer of high end private label upholstered furniture and commercial custom seating. The company works closely with its clients to develop and produce their individual product designs. Whether it is an international private label furniture line sold through trade-only showrooms, custom built-in seating for a restaurant, or custom banquettes for a commercial or institutional installation, each Beachley project is unique and demands special attention. Having gained experience over many years of producing high-end upholstered furniture, the company’s staff are able to incorporate a high level of comfort and style into unique and unconventional custom-driven designs.

470 Lawndale Dr. Suite G, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Iron Mountain Designs began with our steel fabrication shop, specializing in custom cladding and patina finishes that led us to our iconic American flags. It quickly grew into the millwork and steel design company we are today. We produce high end fixtures, furniture, and equipment using nearly any material. From fine hardwoods, to steel, to custom finishes and complex millworks; IMD has the capability to bring complex designs from concept to reality. Our dedicated CAD / CAM department will work closely with your designers to produce an end product that is structurally sound while remaining faithful to its initial vision. Our three CNC tables (router, laser, plasma) allow us to rapidly and precisely fabricate components, while our capable carpenters and steelworkers hand build products to completion. IMD’s 4000sqft steel shop and 4500sqft of wood/millworks space allow us to fabricate large products with ease and quantity. We pride ourselves on creating solutions, from rendering to installation, that bring your designs to life.

Iron Mountain Designs specializes in artwork and furniture that will become an exceptional focal point in your home or business. Each Iron Mountain design is unique, numbered, and able to be tailored to your space and personality, creating a work of art that is genuinely your own.

Prior to founding IMD in 2014, Josh Vandenbrink served 14 years in Special Operations. He served his entire time in the military as an Air Force Pararescueman conducting countless real world combat and civilian missions.

Josh has deployed to combat 21 times over his career between Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa both as a Pararescueman and in other government capacities.

Josh has excelled in his service, but has always looked forward to when he could hang up his spurs, and realize his dream of hand making meaningful and beautiful creations. His lifelong love of working with his hands began at age six with the simple task of holding a flashlight for his Dad while working on the family car. Since then he has been doing everything from restoring classic cars, to glassing surfboards, to building forward operating bases and using explosives to bend and make metal artwork. Josh created Iron Mountain Designs because he believes that producing quality bespoke items using local talent with an eye for detail is still very much the American way.

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