Red Ants Pants

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206 E Main Street, White Sulphur Springs, Montana 59645, United States
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Here at Red Ants Pants we make everything in the USA. That will never change. We don’t just assemble here, we start with fabric, trims, thread, buttons and zippers, cut the patterns and make the pants. The entire production happens on our soil.

It’s not because we can’t get top quality production overseas. Or that those workers don’t also need good jobs. Or that we don’t support a global economy.

It is because we believe in making it personal. And for a small business it is much easier to develop personal relationships with our domestic neighbors.

It is because we value high quality.

It is because we believe in putting our company dollars towards local jobs. Because we know our neighbors. There are lessons learned from living in rural areas that we apply to our business practices. Build a community around your product, people, and brand then the working relationships gain depth and value.

Initially we wanted to make our pants in Montana, but there were not contract cut and sew facilities available that had the right equipment. Seattle was the closest place we could find a factory to produce our pants. Our hats are made in Denver, as are our belt buckles. And fortunately there are talented women right here in White Sulphur Springs who make our belts and aprons.

Heck Yeah USA. Bring it back home.

Red Ants Pants makes high quality workwear for women. Tired of wearing men’s work pants that didn’t fit, Calhoun designed pants that would fit, function and flatter working women. Red Ants Pants are made in the USA and that will not change. Red Ants Pants is based out of White Sulphur Springs, Montana (population 900) where the storefront, distribution center, and international headquarters all reside in an historic saddle shop.