Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax

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1630 Williams Highway 65 , Grants Pass, Oregon 97527, United States
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Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax?? is a family venture founded by Mark and Susan Coyl, who have lived in Oregon for more than 40 years. Fleeing cities in the early 1970s, both Mark and Susan arrived in Southern Oregon seeking a quieter, cleaner life.

Part of that new life was the search for a natural moustache wax to tame Mark’s wild hairs. Every wax he had sampled was heavily perfumed and tasted bitter, ruining the flavor of hot drinks. Finally, dissatisfied with commercial moustache waxes, Mark decided to make his own. Using locally-sourced beeswax, petroleum jelly, cruelty-free lanolin, and plant-derived musk oil, Mark created Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax®. It is lightly, pleasantly scented and does not spoil the enjoyment of tea and coffee.

In 2014 the line expanded to include Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax® Simply Natural, which contains no petroleum products and no added scents. As the name indicates, there are only four ingredients and they are simply natural: locally-sourced beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter and cruelty-free lanolin.

Mark continues to create his moustache wax at home in small, hand-made batches and Susan fills the orders for the moustache wax and other grooming products. Their daughter, Shaula, maintains the web site and handles publicity while their son-in-law Brandon is their marketing consultant.