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The WOODWIZ® SPLITTER is a hand held firewood splitting tool. This unique splitter combines the “sledge and wedge” method in one safe and convenient back saving tool. With emphasis on control, it is easy to place the tip into a seasoning crack (where the firewood is weakest) and drive the hammer down with as much force as you prefer! Logs or kindling can be safely split at your own pace and using an amount of force that is best suited to your comfort level. Engineered and built entirely in the U.S.A.

At only 12 pounds total, this tool is easy to hold, yet packs a wallop. The patented internal mechanism effectively disconnects the plated steel handle from the splitting tip, allowing all of the force from the 4 lb hammer (an ideal weight for everybody) to fully and squarely impact the steel tip. Not to be confused with tiresome “pile-driver” methods which are mechanically less efficient.

A milled directional surface has been applied to the wedge faces which keep the tool moving into wet, green or super hard woods without bouncing out. No bounce back or recoil! (Patented!)

Well over TWENTY THOUSAND sold, and proven over a twenty-five year time span. The WOODWIZ® SPLITTER splits firewood with great safety, less effort, and more control and versatility than many other hand operated devices. We stand by our product and offer replacement parts whenever you need them.