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3500 Beachwood Court , Jacksonville, Florida 32224, United States
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Welcome to Cajun Rods® where tradition and experience come together to create the finest USA-manufactured fishing rods in the marketplace today. We cater to the performance, aesthetic, and design specifications of novice, avid recreational, and the tournament angler who wants and appreciates only the very best fishing rod for their next fishing adventure.

As a Veteran owned and operated USA manufacturing company, we understand dedicated service, uncompromised integrity, and exceptional quality. We’re anglers too, so we know the difference between a disposable fishing rod and a decent fishing rod. Rest assured, at Cajun Rods®, we have neither.

Cajun Rods began our journey in 2007 like so many United States companies before – in a garage with an idea to create a superior product and solve a known problem. Design, engineer, and create a better fishing rod.

The Goal: build a fishing rod that performs as advertised, a rod that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Manufacture a fishing rod that is “Proudly Made in the USA” and ultimately, build the individual angler’s confidence in their equipment on the water!

For approximately a year, we operated realizing the goals we desired to accomplish, but “how to get there” was a different story. After much trial and error, we decided that the best way, the only way to design a better performance fishing rod was to: 1) cease “”fishing rod component assembly”” using other branded rod blanks (which predominantly original from overseas manufacturing), and 2) manufacture our Cajun Rods® proprietary rod blank designs. Since then, every Cajun Rods® is engineered in-house, fabricated to our standards, and produced from scratch – right the first time – and right here in the USA.

We’re now over a decade into our adventure at Cajun Rods® and have learned many valuable lessons along the way, a few of which I’d like to share: 1) stay true to course – never compromise, 2) the very heart and soul of a fishing rod is the rod blank – it has to be perfect, and 3) the angler’s needs are the single most important element of our fishing rod designs.

In summary, we know Cajun Rods® are not just our American-engineered and proprietary designs, but also the very finest USA-manufactured fishing rods in the market today. Cajun Rods® have been, and remain designed by American anglers.

We are so very humbled by your decision to fish our rods and to share in your adventures on the water. Thank you for choosing Cajun Rods® and have fun!

– Jaesen Yerger, CEO