Aardvark Straws

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1430 Progress Road , Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808, United States
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As the sole manufacturer to use FDA and EU food-grade approved inks, Aardvark is the only company to safely print more than 200 colors, patterns and customized logos and designs on its eco-friendly paper straws. The BPA and GMO-free straws are manufactured right here in the USA and proudly employ an American workforce in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Aardvark straws are made with 1/3 more material than competitor straws, making each straw sturdier and more durable than all others on the market. Even with the added material, the environmentally friendly paper straws take only 45-60 days to decompose. The first of its kind Eco-Flex paper straw is bendable just like plastic straws without the harmful environmental effects.

Because of its excellence in quality and design, Aardvark’s exclusive partnership with the NFL and NCAA allows it to print their sports team-branded straws. In addition to NFL and NCAA designs, patterns for every season, standard stripes and plain colors, Aardvark offers the following straws that give back to a cause: Breast Cancer Awareness, Down Syndrome Awareness and Sea Turtle paper straws to help save our marine life.

For those who are looking for a little something extra in the paper goods category, Aardvark offers cake pop sticks, cocktail stir sticks, jumbo smoothie and milkshake straws as well that are, of course, all Made in the USA.