Porter Mufflers, LLC

10900 89th Ave. N. Suite 1 Maple Grove Minnesota 55369
10900 89th Ave. N. Suite 1 Maple Grove Minnesota 55369 US

You’ll hear us say it and we mean it, Porter Mufflers are the absolute best performance muffler you can install. No other muffler available offers a better combination of exhaust flow, sound quality, heat dispersion, interior comfort, and long-term durability than the Porter Muffler products. Porter Muffler is owned and staffed by auto enthusiast with high-octane blood running through our veins and we want the same thing our customers want in our products, quality!

Other muffler companies will continue to use gimmicks to sell you the same product every year, other companies will sell you foreign-made products of inferior quality, and other companies will make claims that have no backing.

Porter Mufflers will continue to make our mufflers from premium USA-sourced materials, continue to make them by hand in our Minnesota facility, and continue to grow our legacy of performance that started back in 1931.

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